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serve your purpose and their needs at the same time? If you find yourself feeling nervous, try one or all three of the following when you call: stand up, look in the mirror, and smile. Speak briefly, then listen. Imagine your call as a tennis match. You serve the ball by making a statement and asking an open ended question. The other person answers and you listen for where the ball is going. Then you hit the ball back with another statement and question, or a question alone. You listen again. If you don’t listen, you will miss the ball and lose the point. Make it a conversation. Your talking points should be a loose framework, not an outline that must be covered. This is why listening is so important. Yes, keep your purpose in mind, but let the other person’s responses guide the direction of the call. Especially at the beginning of the conversation, keep your focus on learning rather than on teaching. Once you learn more about what the prospective client or networking contact you are calling

people from finding reasons why they can’t. [Read: Tony Horton Talks P90X and What’s Next.] Have you ever made excuses about squeezing in exercise? Well, if you know me and my travel schedule I just did a trip where I went from Los Angeles to Miami to Fort Lauderdale, to three military bases, to Dallas, to Denver and then home that was one of the reasons behind this. People like myself
Wholesale jerseys from China who travel and have busy lifestyles can still get it in, and if the sequences are right and the pace is right, you’re going to get P90X results in a half hour with P90X3. Who can and should try P90X3? These workouts have modifications so anybody can do them. It’s not a graduate program, from X to X2 to X3. It’s absolutely the opposite of that and a program for anybody, so don’t let the No. 3 fool you. It’s for people who are in their 60s, people who are overweight and people who are just starting out, doing fitness for the first time in their lives. Of the 16 workouts featured in the program, do you have

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