In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Dallas had its own personal version of American Graffiti on Forest Lane in North Dallas: a place for teens to cruise, show off their car, sneak a beer, maybe get lucky in love. As with all good times, the cops eventually shut it down.

    Those who were there during its heyday have reached middle age — just about the time nostalgia starts to kick in. 3rd Wheel Marketing rounded up Pabst Brewings for a little bit of sponsorship support and it blew up beyond all of our expectations. Those high school kids, most of whom attended the great Thomas Jefferson and W.T. White, are all grown up now, and now spend these semi-regular reunions sitting in camping chairs, dipping into giant coolers and recalling what used to be; myriad times we walked by conversations that began with a choked-laugh, “Y’all remember when …” More than once we met couples who met on Forest and married years later.


    We just finished our sixth Cruise Reunion, The Dallas Morning News estimated around 1,200 cars and 4,500 spectators! All we know was there were a lot of folks having a good time around some amazing rides.

    Sponsor Engagement:

    In addition to the traditional event setup, we have designed the entire main event this year to feature Lone Star exclusively. We are working diligently to garner sponsorship from the City of Dallas. This will open up our sponsorship opportunities.

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