3d Wheel Marketing has the unique take is events and experiences need to be authentic at their core. If the connection is not legitimate, you may as well spend your budget on whoopee cushions. Experiential marketing, if done properly, engages consumers with brands in a way that leaves a lastly, positive impression.

    • integrate elements of emotions to deliver your message to targeted audiences
    • create compelling visuals that elicit rational consumer responses to your product or service
    • develop quick and seamless digital strategies that identify and appeal to key demographics

    Whether it’s surrounding a sponsored concert with online and offline publicity or literally taking a campaign on the road, we’ll help solidify your brand message and break through the clutter.

    Here are the touchstones we use to judge the efficacy of our Experiential Marketing campaigns:

    Visual and verbal information should be integrated using appropriate design elements that reflect the brand.

    Sensory elements should project the brand identity in a way that allows a user to feel like a part of the brand, by accentuating positive selfimage (through brand-image).

    The experience should provide surprise, delight and provocation that stays with the users in their daily lives.

    Ample opportunity for self-actualization and participation with the brand should be provided in the experience.

    The brand and experience should promote a community of participation and loose conversation amongst other site visitors.


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