Most NASCAR fans would give their left arm to spend a few minutes with their favorite driver. This summer Pepsi MAX gave one lucky fan the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Martinsville Speedway where they will get to watch the race and meet Pepsi MAX driver Jeff Gordon.

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    3rd Wheel Marketing managed procuring the labor & meeting all the activations for the Southwest at New Store Openings for Walmart, Sam’s Clubs. These activations consisted of an interactive gaming component in addition to sampling and managing sweepstakes entries.

    Our event staff are proficient in engaging consumers and ensured that all events were fun, interactive and everyone left with a Pepsi Max or Amp Energy Drink in their hands!

    70th Birthday in Central Park NEW YORK A crush of fans circled a flower graced mosaic in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields and sang lyrics from "Imagine" on Saturday to honor Beatles legend John Lennon on his 70th birthday. On the day when the Liverpool Lad would have become a septuagenarian, thousands of fans from around the world gathered to remember the floppy haired British superstar who just wanted to give peace a chance. "His music speaks to people of any nation, any age, and that’s why I think so many young people now who never would have known him still find him so appealing," said Karen Kriendler Nelson, 69, who lives nearby and often visits discount michael kors the mosaic that spells out Lennon’s song "Imagine." She and her Maltese dog, Pino, joined a group of fans who sang the lines, "Imagine there’s no countries/ It isn’t hard to do/ Nothing to kill or die for/ And no religion too/ Imagine all the people/ Michael Kors handbag outlet Living life in peace ." discount michael kors store Joan Acarin and his chi hair straightener wife, Laia, visited the memorial
    5 Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes Everyone’s got their kink. Maybe you like a girl in a gold Princess Leia bikini, maybe Christian Louboutin Store you go a little further and make her dress up like cheap michael kors sale that alien singer at Jabba’s palace. But at least you can pull those off with a trip to a costume shop. Some people have fetishes that are just plain never gonna happen unless they’re willing replica christian louboutin to break the laws of physics (and several federal laws) in replica Michael Kors the process. The thing about having a fetish for cooking and eating humans, or being the victim of Christian Louboutin Replica such, is that’s the sort of thing you can probably only do once in real life before they put a stop to it. So folks in the community are reduced to looking at staged photos of people being spit roasted, boiled in cauldrons and even microwaved (hey, we’ve all got busy schedules) and wish they were there in person. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around this fetish, Christian Louboutin Online think of it this way: Remember those Warner Bros. cartoons in which Bugs Bunny and Daffy would find themselves on a desert
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