Case Study: Rockers vs Mods

People respond to authentic experiences and 3rd Wheel Marketing excels in providing exactly that for our clients.

This will be the Sixth Rockers vs. Mods event in Dallas. Attendance and media coverage has grown exponentially each year with 2011 boasting 400 bikes & scooter registered, 20 sponsors and too many spectators to count!

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Case Study: Forest Lane Cruise Reunion

In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Dallas had its own personal version of American Graffiti on Forest Lane in North Dallas: a place for teens to cruise, show off their car, sneak a beer, maybe get lucky in love. As with all good times, the cops eventually shut it down.

3rd Wheel Marketing rounded up Pabst Brewings for a little bit of sponsorship support and it blew up beyond all of our expectations.

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Pepsi Max/Amp Energy “Max It Now” Experience

Most NASCAR fans would give their left arm to spend a few minutes with their favorite driver. We gave them the opportunity to experience the racing experience and win a chance at meeting Jeff Gordon!

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Case Study: Lone Star Beer Best Band Around

Lone Star Beer has also tapped us (See what we did there?) to put on an entire music series & competition. LaGrange hosted 20 bands over the course of 10 weeks in a music series.

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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.



We don't believe experiential marketing can be summed up as one specific marketing tool. It's a broad idea. A focus on creating fresh connections between brands and consumers out in the world where things happen. We specialize in tailoring this broad concept to specific points of contact based upon the brands' needs.



Have a rally, motorsport event or tradeshow and have specific needs for what a street team needs to be? We can help. We'll just say it, sometimes you want very attractive women to push your product or service. 3rd Wheel has our fingers in a lot of pies, so we can make that happen.



From concept to promotion, we're the best in Dallas at putting on events that people want to attend and attracting people to events. We have put on music series for Lone Star Beer, Rockers vs Mods Rally (for six years running) plus our third Forest Lane Cruise is one of the largest car meets in the Southwest, right out of the gate!


Creative Solutions

We can provide creative support for any event or promotion you can dream up. 3rd Wheel Marketing has created promotions for on & off-premise support for the brewing & spirits industry, restaurants, motorsports events, air shows & national clients.

Contact us today to and we'll get your event on track!